An Update! Finally!
May 16th, 2002 by Anna

I had the baby, Madelynn, on February 12, 2002. She’s such a doll! A dream baby! She’s so happy and sweet! I need to put together a site for her…

I’m about ten pounds from my original goal weight right now, three months after her birth. I’m breastfeeding so I’m a bit top heavy, but that doesn’t account for ten pounds, that’s for sure! I say, “original” goal weight because I’m trying to officially change it. When I set my goal, I wanted to be able to say I lost 75 pounds, not 73. Why not give it a good easy number, and get my magnet to boot, right? Well, what I didn’t consider is that I was setting a lifetime goal and so it should be something I could maintain for life, right? I might be able to maintain my original weight, but I think I would start stressing over it in a very unhealthy way. So I changed my goal weight (or at least I’m trying to) to the maximum it can be for my height and not worrying about age. With that as my goal weight, I’ll be within the required two pounds by my next weigh-in so I’ll won’t have to pay for meeting. Yay! At first, when I was considering changing my goal weight, I felt like I was copping out – cheating. But I feel better about my decision now. I’m still going to keep my personal goal, which is eight pounds lighter than my WW goal.

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