Eeek! I gained 2 pounds!
August 10th, 2001 by Anna

Eeek! I gained 2 pounds! That’s okay, though. I was 1 pound under goal when I hit goal, so I’m only 1 pound over now and officially still “maintaining.” I guess I was just too excited about all those extra points!

At our meeting last night, a good WW friend of mine made his goal. He’s lost 106 pounds! Wow! His wife was there with a camera and took his picture with the leader. Then she was nice enough to take mine as well. That made my day, actually. Last week I was at the Thursday morning meeting when I usually go in the evening. So I didn’t know most of the people there. And then to top it off, my leader was out of town so a substitute gave me my charm and stuff. It was nice to be with my friends and have all the support.

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