Exciting News!
Aug 26th, 2001 by Anna

Boy do I have some news to tell. To those of you that do follow this journal, I would like to apologize ahead of time if you feel deceived, but I had to do this. Anyway, when I made goal on the 2nd of August, I weighed in at 141. A week later, I got my WW leader to change my goal to the absolute highest it could be – 150 pounds. Why? Because I’m pregnant! Yes, I made goal while pregnant (and am 3 months pregnant in that picture with my size four skirt!). And before I’m chastised for losing weight while pregnant, at my defense I’d like to point out that I went to a dietician who told me what I needed to do to modify my points and eat right for the baby. I had a doctor’s appointment every week in my first trimester and if I hadn’t made goal in my first trimester, I would have quit on my own and started again after the baby was born. But I made it. Barely. And then had my goal changed because I wanted to have that buffer to reach lifetime while pregnant. WW kicks you out when you’re pregnant because of liability reasons. So I didn’t want to share the news here because I didn’t want it to get back somehow to my meeting and to WW and I get kicked out. Well, yesterday evening I got the most wonderful news… okay, finding out I was pregnant was more wonderful, but this was pretty cool, too. A WW friend of mine called to tell me that she read a rule we didn’t know about (she wants to be a leader and is studying up on it). She said that if a woman on maintenance (that’s me!) discloses she’s pregnant, she should be awarded Lifetime status immediately and encouraged to return after the baby is born! So this coming Thursday, I’ll be bringing a note from my doctor confirming my pregnancy. I’ll be duly kicked out of WW but I’ll be Lifetime when I come back! I do not plan on throwing in the towel and eating crazy just because I’m pregnant. Well, okay I did that last week and gained 3.5 pounds. But I’m back on track. I’ve modified my points to account for both maintenance and pregnancy. I joined a mailing list for other pregnant women who use WW. I’m going to journal everyday. Drink my water. Eat my veggies. Drink my milk. And I’m going to have a healthy baby and get back to pre-pregnancy weight in no time! Wish me luck!

Eeek! I gained 2 pounds!
Aug 10th, 2001 by Anna

Eeek! I gained 2 pounds! That’s okay, though. I was 1 pound under goal when I hit goal, so I’m only 1 pound over now and officially still “maintaining.” I guess I was just too excited about all those extra points!

At our meeting last night, a good WW friend of mine made his goal. He’s lost 106 pounds! Wow! His wife was there with a camera and took his picture with the leader. Then she was nice enough to take mine as well. That made my day, actually. Last week I was at the Thursday morning meeting when I usually go in the evening. So I didn’t know most of the people there. And then to top it off, my leader was out of town so a substitute gave me my charm and stuff. It was nice to be with my friends and have all the support.

Aug 2nd, 2001 by Anna

I did it! I did it!! Today I reached goal with a pound to spare. I started hopping around the room and doing a butt-shake dance. I really should get activity points for that. I was SO excited! I got my 14th star, my magnet for 75 pounds, and my STAR charm for reaching goal!!! YAY! And really the best part is, I get to add four points in for maintenance! Whoopee!!!

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