Subconscious sabotage?
July 28th, 2001 by Anna

Well, whether it was a subconscious effort to make sure I reached goal at my own meeting, or whether it was just me blowing it again, I gained at this weigh in. I had two extra days since I couldn’t go to my Thursday meeting. I know if I’d weighed in on Thursday it would have been worse. Last weekend I blew it again and the rest of the week I spent trying to make up for the gain. I have just under 3 pounds to reach goal. I’m giving myself 2 weigh-ins. I’m setting my daily target points to 20 and I’m not going to bank anything over that. I’m also going to try to bring back in my exercise.

I’m going to have to upload a photo of my nephew. We were at the lake the other day and my sister-in-law (not his mother) asked him how much he weighs so she could get the right life-jacket for him. He weighs 75 pounds. I stared at him for a long time. When I reach goal, I will have lost a nephew. I couldn’t possibly imagine carrying him around all day long, but that’s what I was doing last year. It sure is encouraging when you get such a physical indicator of how much weight you’ve lost.

I’m not going to let this gain get me down. I have no one to blame but myself. Just like when I reach goal, I’ll have only myself to thank. People encouraged me and motivated me along the way, but ultimately I decided what to put in my mouth. So look back here on August 10th. That will be the day after my goal weight weigh in!

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