Another 2 pound loss!
July 19th, 2001 by Anna

Wow! Another 2 pound loss! I am so siked! I’m just 1.5 pounds from goal. I can do it in a week, I know. But next Thursday I’ll be at Sea World (earning some activity points, no doubt) so I’ll miss my meeting. 😕 I’ll see if I can go on Saturday morning, instead, but I’m not sure I want to reach goal at another meeting, you know? My husband suggested I don’t shoot for the 1.5 pound loss. Does that mean eating high in my point range? Well, I’ve been doing that anyway. I know he doesn’t mean blowing a day or two, because my history shows I have a hard time picking myself back up. He was kidding, really. Oh hey now… I just noticed… I could consider myself at goal already! WW would have let me set my goal at 144 and I’m at 143.5! My official goal is 142 though, and I’m sticking to it.I feel so GOOD! I need to find something that weighs 73 pounds and see if I can lift it. That’s a LOT of weight!!

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