Back on track!
July 2nd, 2001 by Anna

Okay, I think I’m getting back on track. Yesterday I was able to bank four points and I didn’t feel hungry or starved and I didn’t feel deprived. I even manged to make a lunch for my husband that I was not having at all. I feel better today just knowing I have four points from yesterday, but I won’t have to use them. I’m doing good. I’m pleasantly satisfied and I’ve only had 8 points on the day. Whew! I just have to keep this up. We’re having a barbeque at our house for the 4th of July. That might be a challenge for me since I’ll be serving stuff that I won’t be eating. I will, at least, have fat free hotdogs and veggie burgers with all the fatty stuff so I’ll be able to eat and not be forced to just nibble like I was this past weekend. That will make a difference, I know. My daily weigh in showed a nice loss, but it was enough that I know better than to expect that tomorrow. Still, it was nice to be rewarded for the hard work.

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