Haven’t posted for awhile…
June 24th, 2001 by Anna

I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been very busy. My husband and I just bought our very first home and we have been trying to close, pack, move, unpack, arrange… It’s been crazy! I skipped my meeting the Thursday before last – just weighed in and left – because I was so stressed and had so much to do. I did stay this past Thursday, though, because I wanted to set my goal officially. I’m so close!! I lost 3.5 more pounds for a total loss of 69.5 and only 5.5 more to goal! Wow!

I was excited to see some of my friends at the meeting, too, which made it easier to stay. They’d been going to the Thursday morning meetings where I go in the evenings. One of them is only a pound from goal and will have lost 105 total! I begged them to go to the evening meeting next week just in case he reaches goal – I want to be there! I hope I remember my camera! If he doesn’t get it this week, though, I won’t get to see him reach goal – he and his wife are going out of town for a few weeks. That bums me. But I’m SO happy for him! And his wife is looking really good, too! It’s amazing how much people can change in just a few weeks.

I hope they’re there for when I reach goal… I’m guess three more weeks.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot!! These last pounds put my BMI in the normal healthy range! I’m no longer overweight!! Yay!!!

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