Ten Mile Bike Tour
June 11th, 2001 by Anna

The ten mile bike tour in Gatesville was actually eleven miles and a great portion of it was up this hill from hell! Yikes! But I did it. I didn’t even stop! Well, no I stopped about 2/3rds the way up the hill because my bike chain came off. Made that last third very VERY hard but I biked it – I did not walk it! Whoo hoo! I felt so good! Like I’d really accomplished something. Nevermind that the tour I took was the shortest path and that ten year old kids were doing it, too. I never would have dreamed that would be me. And I do plan on doing more of these this summer… and maybe by August I’ll register for the 30 mile route…

I rode my bike today, as well. This was the first time I rode my bike completely on my own for any significant length. I rode 4.3 miles to the house Jonathan and I are buying, talked to the roofers for about a minute and then rode the 4.3 miles back to our current house. There was another helacious hill, but after Saturday’s, I knew I couldn’t wimp out on that one. Halfway home, I looked down at my legs and realized I was getting a serious shorts tan so I hiked up my biking shorts really high. When I got home and went into the bathroom to shower, I looked in the mirror, and for the first time, that fat girl stayed away. I looked at my legs with my shorts looking all hoochie-mama and high and my first thought was actually, “hey I look pretty good!” I feel vain writing this, but it’s the honest truth. I definitely liked who I saw.

I wish I could say my day was all good. I had another bingeing episode. I’m just not allowed to bake, I guess. A few of us were having a sort of pot-luck for lunch. I wasn’t too worried because it was all salad stuff, but it was suggested I bring the dessert. No problem – if I’m bringing the sweet stuff, I can control it, right? Well, I made this great cake that’s really a cinch. You take a box of angel food cake mix and mix together with a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapples (not drained) and bake according to the cake directions. That’s it. And it’s delicious! And very low in points! Serves 12 at 3.3 points using the brand of mix I had. Well, I made it into three 8″ loaf pan cakes. When it came out of the oven, I decided I’d taste off of one of the loaves and leave that one for me and Jonathan to munch on. It was SO good. It was burning my fingers and mouth it was so hot, but much like the chocolate cake last month, I found myself out of control and eating, eating, eating. I ate 2/3rds of one loaf before I stopped and went to our lunch. I had a small forkfull there, and then when I got home I ate the rest of the loaf. Thirteen points of today’s total was in cake. Yeesh! I can say, though, that I stayed on program for the day – it just took a little creativity! It’s still frustrating, though, knowing that after 65 pounds, I still have a serious lack of control over certain items. And it always seems to be sweet stuff I’m baking. I sure hope this doesn’t mean I can’t bake sweet stuff… I’ve got to work this out…

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