May 8th, 2001 by Anna

Well, I threw out the chocolate cake. Yesterday was just as bad as the day before. Everytime I passed that cake, I started munching. So I figured I was better off getting rid of it entirely than risk losing control over it again. Kind of wasteful, I know.

Almost lost it!
May 6th, 2001 by Anna

I almost lost it today. I should have known better, but I thought I would have the control… I made a cake in my crock pot today. It was using mostly non or low fat items, but it was still a chocolate cake. I found myself snitching bit after bit of the batter until I finally starting scooping my finger into the bowl. Yeesh. I did count it as a full serving of points, but still. Then when the cake was done, I still went crazy! It was hot – burning my fingers hot – and I was still eating, eating, eating. I spent about half my day’s points in cake. Was it worth it? No. But I can’t seem to figure that out when I’m actually scarfing it down. I will say, I did stay on program, regardless, including getting all of my dairy, water, and fruits/veggies. It was just a horrible feeling of loss of control…

Skipping lunches…
May 5th, 2001 by Anna

So far today has been a good, on program, day. I’ve noticed lately that I haven’t been eating lunch. I snack on fruit or veggies most of the day and then just work through lunch. It’s mostly because I’m such a point horder.I want to be sure to have points left over in the day to have something cold and sweet. :) Today, though, I had a burger and fries at lunch. Convenience and hunger won out over point hording.

Big Loss!
May 4th, 2001 by Anna

Well, I did, indeed, have a good weigh in yesterday. I lost 5.5 pounds. Wow! That’s my highest loss yet, unless you count my 2nd weigh in but that was two weeks from the first one so that shouldn’t count. Anyway, I’d been sick this week actually had to struggle to make minimum points one day, and didn’t bother making it another so I have a feeling my next weigh in won’t be so hot. That’s okay, though. Baby steps. I’m less than 20 pounds to goal and that’s really something! This hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s not that hard, either.

I got a great compliment today. A passed a guy I work with on the stairway and said ‘hi’ to him. He looked up and me and literally did a triple take. Then he even called my name with a question. He hasn’t seen me really since before Christmas break and he didn’t recognize me. He went on to say how good I look. He wasn’t shy about attributing it to weight loss, either. LOL! Anyway, it felt good to be noticed by someone who hasn’t known.

First Post
May 3rd, 2001 by Anna

This is my first posting on this web log. I guess I’m officially a ‘blogger’ now… well, maybe not until I have a 2nd posting. I have a weigh in today. I’m pretty confident it will be a good one. I’ve been on program for four months now…

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