Great Motivation
May 22nd, 2001 by Anna

Wow. Today is a day to be motivated. I started off the morning with the scale being extra nice to me. Then there was my husband giving me all sorts of wonderful compliments. Then he had me stand in front of the mirror and pointed out individual body parts that have lost weight and are looking good. He pointed out my sides, which don’t have the bulgy fat anymore. He pointed out my arms, and my face. When I looked at individual features as he pointed them out, I had to admit that I’ve come a long way. I’m sure he didn’t appreciate me focusing on my belly though. It’s still got some flab – some of it due to loose skin, I’ll admit, but I used to be able to see my belly button. It’s still in hiding.

When I got to work, it was just one comment after another on my weight loss. It was, “Hi Skinny!” and “Wow, girl!” It was, “You look so good!” and “you have to run around the shower just to get wet.” We had a blood drive at work and one of my coworkers asked the nurse, who I’ve never met before, “Doesn’t she look great?!” I had to explain that I’ve lost close to 60 pounds because I’m sure she was confused why that was being asked. Then I shared some photos of my daughter at the lake with a few ‘net friends of mine. One of the photos had me in a swimsuit next to her. My friends didn’t say near as much about my cutie-patootie little girl as they did about me. These people have me on quite a high today. I’m feeling great!

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