Plateaus suck
May 20th, 2001 by Anna

Still have a major lack of motivation. Staying on program, but this plateau is really bugging me. It doesn’t help that everyone around me says I don’t need to lose anymore weight. It’s making me a little too comfortable at this stage since I’m wondering if I can get out of it.I’m forcing myself to look at “before” photos and remind myself how far I’ve come. But it’s still not helping me see the big picture – that I have 16 more pounds to go and I should not get comfortable here. It also doesn’t help that when I look in the mirror I don’t see myself any different than I do 59 pounds ago. That’s very frustrating. I can see it when I compare photos – but I see myself in the mirror everyday and I haven’t changed there.

Here’s a face shot of my progress so far. I sure don’t feel comfortable using the entire photos – I was in my bra and panties!

Anyway, I’ve lost another 9 pounds since the last photo so I’m telling myself I must look better still… and don’t I want to look even better than that? So far, I’m not buying it. I’m staying on program, but it’s getting easier to use up those banked points and I’m eyeing those activity points, too. *sigh*

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