I’m OLD!
May 18th, 2001 by Anna

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to… *sigh* I’m 30 now. Officially out of my 20’s. It’s not bothering me as much as I thought it would (yet) but I am looking at all of my younger friends and pouting. Oh well.

My weigh in last night was pathetic. I lost one pound. That just means last week and this week make an even and I’ve wasted two weeks. I’m feeling unmotivated lately, too. Well, since last night anyway. The entire week I never ate more than 23 points (max is 25) and then last night, on the way home from Weight Watchers, I went through a drive thru for dinner and ate all of my fries and all of Meghan’s fries and started on Jonathan’s as well. Yeesh. I ended up with 31 points on the day but that was still on program because I had enough banked. Well, today my mother brought a birthday cake to work for me. I left it in the conference room so that everyone could have some and hadn’t had a single bite until a few minutes ago. I took one little piece… that turned into two good sized pieces. Dang it. I have the points, but so much for enjoying a nice dinner!

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