Buffet? No sweat!
May 10th, 2001 by Anna

I’m so proud of myself. Yesterday, Jonathan, Meghan and I ate at Golden Corral’s buffet. I did so good! I served myself a huge plate of vegetables that I ate before I even touched anything else. I had one dinner roll – just one of those hot, soft, buttery bits of heaven. I had just three wee little bites of steak off of Jonathan’s plate. And I didn’t feel deprived. I love the rolls, but I don’t have to have five of them, do I? I just made sure I savored my one. And I love steak, but again, I didn’t need a lot – I just needed to savor the little I had. I left feeling satisfied, not overly full like I used to, and I didn’t feel guilty for overeating.

I don’t expect today’s weigh in to be anything to dance about. I haven’t exercised really in two weeks, and because of that stupid cake, I was on the high end of my points a lot. But I feel good. I’m doing right for my body. I’m really learning how to eat proper portions.

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